Producer - Director

He graduated from Bosporus University, then worked as an editor at Hollywood L.A between 1985-1995 He has been working as a commercial film director in Istanbul since 1996. He is one of the most prolific commercial film directors in history of Turkey.

Other Works
Shining Blood (1991) / Editor (Movie)
Eden (1992) / Editor (TV Show)
Reveng of the Red Baron (1994) / Editor (Movie)
Yeditepe İstanbul (2000) / Producer (TV Show)
Empire of the Wolves (2005) / Co-producer of Turkey (Movie)
Ters Yüz (2006) / Director (Sitcom)
En Mutlu Olduğum Yer (2009) / Director-Producer (Movie)
Director - Writer

Resident in Istanbul, he has been working in the film and TV industry since 1995 as editor, asst. director and finally as director. He directed TV Commercials for companies including Toyota, Akbank, TEB, Beko, Selpak, Vestel, Frito Lay, Citibank, Reckitt Benckiser, Ray Sigorta, Eti, Ülker, Teknosa, Carrefour, Sütaş and agencies such as Euro RSCG, HAVAS, RPM Radar, TBWA, Publicis, Alametifarika, Saatchi, Grey, Alice BBDO for a variety of products from cars to food, detergent to beauty and banking.
He also has experience with children and celebrity and he is fluent in English, French and Turkish (obviously). As a filmmaker coming from field of visual arts, his main objective is to tell the story with the right cast, look, and tempo while staying on budget and on time.
He says: “Most importantly, I don’t make TV Commercials for the sake of art or to expand my reel: I see them as “functional media” and their ultimate function is to alter the audience perception towards products or services. This alteration requires different approaches for different targets: When you are lucky enough sometimes to have an adequate target, a good concept and a dedicated team behind you, what you do may also be vaguely described as art: That’s the ultimate purpose of film-making in any case. For viral projects I like to operate the camera myself. For music videos I am interested in “alternative”, “indie” projects. My short films are fully independent productions.”
You can also see his extended reel at Vimeo.

Director - Producer

He graduated from Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty Cinema & TV department.
He studied at Bournville College B’ham / England. After winning many of short film awards he worked at Plato Film / Istanbul as a director between 2003-2008. He broke all the web hit records of Turkey in 2011 with a viral video and made a comedy movie named “Günah Keçisi” at 2011 based on it. One of his recent works was for Hotspot Shield from Los Angeles. 3 videos he made were watched by 1.5 million FB users within 3 days. He has been focusing on full commercial film production including writing and creating concepts since he established Platonik Film in 2018.